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Duckhams QXR 10W-40 SNCF Engine Oil


DUCKHAMS QXR is semi-synthetic lubricant which meets the high-quality standard API SN produced from high quality semi synthetic base oil and special additives which give the best lubricity in all operation condition DUCKHAMS QXR is a high-performance engine Oil. It has been designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency and minimal engine wear, particularly at cold start up and is formulated using the latest in API additive technology. It provided higher performance levels, improved engine cleanliness, increased fuel economy and reduced oil consumption. It contains enhanced detergents, dispersants, anti-oxidants, and anti-wear and corrosion prevention properties.


• Engineered to increase fuel economy by reducing oil consumption
• Provides excellent protection against sludge and varnish deposits
• Rapid oil flow at start up, minimizing engine wear.
• sludge and deposit produced in hot zones within an engine
• Enhanced anti-wear properties – reduced wear which can lead to lower maintenance costs
• Effective wear and deposit control- longer engine life and reliable operation
• High viscosity index and shear stability
• Enhanced high and low temperature protection in severe driving conditions