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Q Diesel 20W-50 CI-4/SL


Duckhams Q Diesel 20W-50 CI-4/SL is a multi-grade diesel engine oil for heavy-duty diesel engines. Formulated using modern additive technology and high-quality virgin base oils to meet current specifications and provide advanced protection for all new and old generation vehicles.

Duckhams Q Diesel 20W-50 CI-4/SL is a mineral engine oil designed to lubricate and protect high-speed diesel engines. Gives excellent protection against soot, corrosion and reduces piston deposits and oil consumption.


  • Excellent Wear and Bore Polishing Protection maintain the engine condition throughout the oil drain interval.
  • Shear Stable Formulation maintains oil viscosity ensuring suitable protection for the engine even when used in extended drain intervals.
  • Protects the engine from soot and piston deposits, maintaining engine cleanliness and performance.
  • Formulated with good base reserve which neutralises acidic combustion products and reduces acid build-up protecting the engine against corrosion.
  • Protects against Turbocharger deposit formation, maintaining turbocharger performance and extending component life.
  • Reduces oil consumption, minimising top-up requirements and reducing operating costs.