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Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment


Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment is a multi-purpose fuel treatment designed for use in classic petrol engines to overcome the potential problems caused by using modern fuel, particularly fuel containing ethanol.


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Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment

Suitable for use in petrol engines designed to run on older petrol formulations, both with lead and without ethanol, preventing corrosion and valve seat recession. Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment is compatible with other commonly used fuel additives.


Classic Fuel Treatment

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  • Ethanol is a hygroscopic material, meaning it absorbs water from the atmosphere, if enough water is absorbed from the atmosphere this can lead to phase separation, where the ethanol and water separate from the petrol, giving an acidic water layer at the bottom of the fuel tank which can corrode the tank, and damage the engine when trying to start it. Duckhams Classic Fuel treatment is formulated with a stabiliser additive which prevents the ethanol and water separating, protecting the fuel system components and the engine.
  • Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment is formulated containing corrosion inhibitor additives which protect fuel system components, such as tanks, fuel lines and carburettors, from corrosion, even when using petrol containing ethanol. It also prevents the formation of acids within the fuel, again preventing corrosion of the components of the fuel system.
  • Duckham Classic Fuel Treatment is designed to work as a lead replacement treatment protecting against valve seat recession in engines designed to run on leaded petrol.
  • The addition of a gasoline detergent, combined with the stabiliser, prevents gum formation and keeps the engine system clean, maintaining the performance of the engine.


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