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QXR 5W-40 C3


Duckhams QXR 5W-40 C3 is a shear stable, long-life, mid SAPS synthetic multigrade engine oil, designed using cutting edge additive technology and high-quality synthetic base oils for use in high performance petrol or diesel engines, including VW Pump Düse engines, fitted with exhaust after treatment systems.


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Duckhams QXR 5W-40 C3

Suitable for use as extended oil drain interval lubricant in high performance passenger cars and other vehicles, including engines fitted with exhaust after treatment devices, such as three-way catalytic converters or particulate filters, including direct injection, turbo charged and VW Pump Düse engines.


QXR 5W40 C3

Oil Type


Engine Diesel


Engine Petrol



1 Litre 5 Litres


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  • Shear stable formulation designed to maintain the viscosity of the oil, ensuring suitable anti-wear and corrosion protection for engines throughout extended oil drain intervals, irrespective of driving style, reducing component wear and extending component and engine life.
  • Excellent low temperature properties reduce internal friction and wear giving improved cold starting, minimising engine wear at start up and extending component life.
  • Low volatility synthetic base oil reduces oil consumption and oil thickening and gives lower hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Mid SAPS formulation protects exhaust after treatment devices, such as particulate filters and three-way catalytic converters, maintaining their performance, and the performance of the engine, whilst minimising environmental impact.
  • Reduced sludge and deposit formation and thermally stable formulation keeps the engine clean and the oil at the correct viscosity to ensure the engine runs at its full potential from oil change to oil change.
  • Sustained engine performance maintains engine efficiency, reducing fuel consumption. Together with reduced oil consumption, extended oil drain intervals and extended component life contribute to reduced vehicle operating costs.


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