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Brake & Clutch Fluid DOT 4


Duckhams Brake & Clutch fluid DOT 4 is a premium quality brake and clutch fluid suitable for use in all hydraulic brake and clutch systems requiring a non-petroleum based fluid meeting DOT 4 specifications. It is designed to withstand high-temperature conditions and to provide maximum safety.

Duckhams Brake & Clutch fluid DOT 4 contains high boiling point synthetic base fluids blended with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to resist oxidation at the high temperatures encountered in the disc braking systems and to provide superior protection against corrosion of metallic components of the brake system


  • High boiling point reduces the impact of moisture absorption while in service and prevents vapour locking of brakes and maintains reliable braking performance.
  • Superior oxidative stability and pH retention ensure that the fluid will operate effectively at the high temperatures encountered in disk braking systems throughout the manufacturer’s recommended brake fluid service life.
  • Superior high-temperature stability and low-temperature fluidity provides lubricity and ensures trouble-free operation.
  • Effective corrosion inhibitors provide long term corrosion protection to the metallic components of the brake systems.
  • Compatible with all seals and metals used in conventional braking systems requiring poly glycol brake fluids